Holy Basil – Natural Block Print Fabric, Organic Handloom Linen

Thick Natural Linen (300 GSM/58″ inches wide)
Off-White Linen (260 GSM/58″inch wide)
Pure Linen (180 GSM/stonewashed/58″ inches wide)
Viscose Linen (140-160 GSM/63″ inches wide)
Duck Canvas (Thick/Heavy/sturdy/50″ inches wide)
Thick Cotton (strong/sturdy/44″ inches wide)
Pure cotton ( softer/smoother/44″ inches wide)

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1. Thick Natural Linen – (58″ wide)
Color – Natural flax undyed color; jute(loose) weave
Link – https://www.etsy.com/listing/1162724216/heavyweight-linenthick-linen

– Heavy upholstery
– Cushion cover
– Curtains
– Table cover
– Homewares & Decor
– Furnishing

2. Off-White Linen (58″ wide)
Color – Milky white; Jute(loose) weave
Link – https://www.etsy.com/listing/1162145266/100-linen-stonewashed-thick-softend

– Bedding
– Duvet cover
– Pillow cover
– Window treatment, Blackouts, Drapes
– Table cloth
– Sofa-chair covers
– Upholstery

3. Pure Linen (58″ wide)
Color – Natural Linen flax color; plain weave
Link – https://www.etsy.com/listing/1204794445/natural-undyed-linen-fabric-fabric-by

– Clothing
– Home Decor
– Crafting
– Upholstery
– Covers/Cases
– Kitchen accessories
– Indoor/outdoor decor
– Wall hangings
– Tapestry
– Drapery

4. Viscose Linen (63″ wide)
Color – White; a close weave
Link https://www.etsy.com/listing/1302293982/smooth-linen-fabric-by-the-yard-pure

– Apparel
– Women’s dress = wraps, gowns, skirts, trousers, pants
– Menswear – shirt, suit, baggy clothes, yoga wears
– Fitted sheets
– Cushioning
– Lumbar pillow
– Apron

5. Duck Canvas (50″ wide)
Color – Beige

– Heavy Upholstery
– Window shades
– Outdoor patio
– Hammocks
– Table covers
– Lumbar pillows
– Wall hangings

6. Thick Cotton (44″ wide)
Color – Beige
Link – https://www.etsy.com/listing/1302287416/natural-organic-cotton-fabric

– Bed covers
– Sofa covers
– Upholstery
– Tablecloth
– Garden decors
– Garden awnings
– Window blinds

7. Pure cotton (44″ wide)
Color – pure white

– Dresses
– Fashion accessories
– Kaftan
– Men’s kurta
– Overalls
– Women party wears
– Beach dresses
– Kids Clothing
– Crafting – DIY

◾ Washing Instructions-
** FOR LINEN – Gentle hand wash with mild soap
** FOR COTTON – A gentle washing machine cycle
Cold water and mild detergents are recommended.
Do not bleach.

*Ironing on reverse cloth or with a cool iron is recommended

Note – It is important to know that Light and Color Variation may occur due to screen resolution. Photographs were taken in natural sunlight. A slight odor may occur due to the use of natural vegetable dyes which can easily be removed by sun drying or keeping it in an airy space. Oldest cloth manufacturer and exporter from India producing superlative premium quality fabrics since 1939



Duck Canvas, Natural Thick Linen, Off White Thick Linen, Pure Cotton, Pure Linen, Thick Cotton, Viscose Linen


1 Yard, 2.5 Yard, 5 Yard, 7.5 Yard, 10 Yard


The shown pattern is also available in the fabric given below so you can choose your favorite design on any of these fabrics for your work accordingly


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