Linen is good because it looks trendy and at the same time it’s very comfotable

Linen is one of the most underappreciated fabrics and deserves some much needed attention.””Flax is two to three times stronger than cotton, making it one of the strongest natural fibers known Every Linen comes from flax, a plant with a blue/purple flower that flourishes in Western Europe.As well as its versatility, flax is a highly sustainable crop. It requires fewer resources and less water to grow and process than other crops, like cotton. It also grows without the need for pesticides and chemicals. Flax is also the most productive crop, second to hemp, per hectare, providing optimum use of space. Growing flax organically involves rotating the crops, which prevents soil degradation and erosion.Once the flax fibers have been spun and woven into linen fabric, the environmental benefits keep on coming! Linen is naturally biodegradable. This means there’s less waste and it does less damage to ecosystems once a product has come to the end of its life. And it’s extremely long-wearing, meaning less waste.

What are the other benefits of linen?

Many good reasons why linen has been used and loved as a home textile and clothing fabric for thousands of years. There is a long list of its benefits, alongside the sustainability credentials outlined above:

  1. Pre-washed linen will have minimal shrinkage
  2. It gets even better with age!
  3. Timelessly stylish so you can ignore fast fashion or design fads
  4. Can be machine washed and tumble dried, making it easy to care for
    Soft to the touch for extra comfort.
  5. Durable and hard wearing for products that look great and function for longer The majority of clothes we wear today are either man made or very chemically intensive to produce. Linen is made from flax plants, a plant which grows without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. This means it is a renewable resource, one that is fast growing and can be produced without damaging the environment.

What exactly is linen?

100% Pure Linen Fabric

Famous as the fabric that was used to wrap the mummies of ancient Egypt many centuries ago, linen is an age-old textile that has never gone out of style.

It’s created by processing and weaving the fibers found in the stems of the flax plant and is famous for its strength and comfort.

In its natural undyed state, linen can be found in several colors; ecru, darkish greys, ivory and oatmeal. The final color is determined by the growing and processing conditions of the flax plant.

Any lover of linen garments will tell you that linen keeps you cool. You may have noticed that this sort of apparel tends to hit the shelves as Summer draws near.

In an experiment, people have even gone as far as claiming to feel 3 degrees celsius cooler when wearing linen clothing compared to cotton. Just where is this breezy magic coming from?
As it turns out, linen isn’t just good at conducting heat; it’s phenomenal at it and can dissipate heat 5 times faster than wool.

The advantages of linen


Thousands of years behind us technologically, the ancient people of our world sure knew a good thing when they saw it.

Part of the reason why linen is so treasured throughout history is because of how thoroughly hard wearing it is.

Unlike most natural fabrics that weaken and stretch when wet, pure linen does not. In fact it gets stronger, which is one of the secrets to its incredible lasting power.

To top it off, linen also boasts incredible tensile strength. It is roughly 30% stronger than cotton which makes it a great choice for clothing and bedding. They will last a long long time if taken care of properly, which is a relief considering its price.

Linen cannot be produced naturally and requires dye, it remains as one of the most popular color choices. So popular in fact that many people believe that it is naturally found in white, just like cotton (which by the way can naturally grow in brown, blue, pink, green, and red).

Reasons to Choose Linen for your Home   

  1. Linen Is Eco Friendly
  2. It’s long-lasting and very durable
  3. It’s Good for those with sensitive skin
  4. Linen Is ultra-hygienic
  5. It’s antibacterial

Linen fabric gives a relaxed natural look. Many linen fabrics are suitable as an upholstery fabric as well as a curtain fabric, some are also washable making them an ideal choice for loose covers.

Linen fabrics can be prone to creasing so if you are looking for a tailored finish to your drapes then pure linen would not be the best choice.

Best Part is that linen fits right in… in white and if present would typically be found on the living room couch in the form of a linen sofa slipcover or throw blanket.

There are lots of complain that linen feels too stiff and crispy for their liking, they may not realize that there is a way to get buttery soft linen – by just using it.

Assuming it doesn’t get abused, linen ages and softens gracefully through prolonged use, time, and repeated washing. Just make sure to use cold water when washing or it will shrink like most other natural fabrics.

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