Fabritual's Best Selling Block Prints on Various Fabrics

Fabritual's Best Selling Block Prints on Various Fabrics - Fabritual


At Fabritual, we take pride in offering a wide range of exquisite Indian block prints that capture the essence of tradition, elegance, and artistry. Our best-selling prints are not only a testament to the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship but also a showcase of our commitment to quality. In this blog, we invite you to discover our top five block prints, each available in multiple fabric options, providing you with the opportunity to select the perfect blend of art and texture to suit your unique style.

1. Rishi: Thick Linen Fabric, Floral Print

- Rishi is a masterpiece of elegance. This floral print on thick linen fabric exudes a sense of richness and sophistication. The thick linen fabric adds depth and texture to the design, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a classic look with a touch of luxury.

2. Kohinoor: Thick Linen Fabric, Floral Print

- The Kohinoor print on thick linen fabric is a true gem in our collection. Inspired by the beauty of Indian flora, it combines the charm of flowers with the durability of thick linen. It's a print that blends tradition with contemporary style.

3. Sudarshan Jaal: Pure Linen Fabric, Floral Print

- The Sudarshan Jaal design, available on pure linen fabric, brings a touch of grace and simplicity. The floral print on pure linen offers a light and airy feel, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of subtlety and purity in design.

4. Qudrat: Thick Linen Fabric, Floral Leaves Print

- Qudrat is a celebration of nature's beauty, featuring floral leaves print on thick linen fabric. The combination of this vibrant print with the textured linen fabric creates a visual masterpiece that brings the outdoors indoors.

5. Rameshwaram: Pure White Linen Fabric, Floral Print

- Rameshwaram, with its pure white linen fabric adorned with a floral print, embodies purity and serenity. This print is perfect for those who seek a tranquil and serene atmosphere in their living spaces or fashion choices.

Available Fabric Variations

These remarkable block prints are not limited to a single fabric; Fabritual offers you the freedom to choose from a variety of textures to suit your preferences:

1. Thick Cotton Fabric: If you prefer a blend of comfort and durability, our thick cotton fabric is a perfect choice. It adds a cozy and casual touch to the traditional block prints.

2. Duck Canvas Fabric: For those looking for rugged strength combined with style, our duck canvas fabric is an excellent option. It provides a rustic and robust backdrop for these timeless prints.

3. Off-White Linen Fabric: Our off-white linen fabric offers a lighter, more neutral canvas, allowing the block prints to shine with their full glory while maintaining a touch of sophistication.


Fabritual's best-selling block prints, available on a range of fabric types, open up a world of possibilities for your home decor and personal style. Whether you're drawn to the richness of thick linen, the subtlety of pure linen, or the casual comfort of thick cotton or duck canvas, our prints allow you to craft spaces and wardrobes that reflect your unique tastes. Explore the beauty of Indian block prints, choose your favorite fabric, and let Fabritual elevate your surroundings with timeless elegance and artistry.


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